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    Nov 2, 2007, 3:44 PM - Charlie's MOW Jetpack Build #1

    WEll, to start off with, I gave the jet pack and its assorted assemblies a good sanding with 220 grit and removed the flash from the castings, evened out the spots, et all for prepping. Then I gave it a once over with some 350 grit sandpaper. I started with prepping the rocket for mounting first. I took a bit different route; I drilled a hole (well, an indention) in the bottom the rocket and expoxied a 1/4" bolt there.

    Next, I drilled a matching hole in the top of the actual jet pack.

    This allows me to put the rocket in and bolt it to the jet pack. It doesn't move or wiggle (I made sure the bolt was large enough for that) but it's easy to put on and take off, so storage and transport is a lot easier.

    Then I cut out out the thruster holes, using MOW's templates, a drill and a dremel.

    I then started on my basecoat of paints. I like using a layered method, putting multiple coats on and then sanding with 600 grit to show through. It worked well on my helmet and I'm going to use the same method.

    The green is actually on the assemblies now (using Krylon Satin Italian Olive to match the helmet and the armor) but I don't have pictures of that yet. I'm going to be constructing the PVC to hold the thruster assemblies. But I'm not sure how necessary that is; the thrusters are a tight fit right now, and they barely move. I'm a big fan of friction tape, and I believe that would be enough to give a lot of good service. However, since I've got the PVC anyway, I'm going to do. I should also be able to start adding the reds and yellow and the decals tonight as well. I'll post some pictures when I get done with that.

    Oh, before I forget, the strap connections are corner brackets (don't ask me what you use them for; I found them in the hardware section of walmart). They were bent over using a vice, and then sanded a bit for slimmer for the straps I use. I put on my straps and held the jet pack in place; I then marked the holes with a sharpie and drilled through. I use machine bolts, nuts and washers to hold them in place. (I'm also a real big fan of bolting stuff; i think the failure rate is a lot lower than epoxy or glue).

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    Nov 2, 2007, 4:43 PM - Re: Charlie's MOW Jetpack Build #2

    Looking good Charlie!
    I just got my MOW JP last week.
    Mine has alot of sanding and bondoing to do. I will be watching your build with great anticipation.
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    Nov 2, 2007, 5:39 PM - Re: Charlie's MOW Jetpack Build #3

    Looks great charlie!!! I'll be keeping up with the progress...
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    Nov 3, 2007, 10:11 PM - Re: Charlie's MOW Jetpack Build #4

    Ok, here's some pictures of the wraps I used to mask off the section for respraying.

    Here's a picture after the rub method of weathering.

    Note that I don't try to exactly match the weathering as seen on screen. With the method I use (600 grit sandpaper and paint thinner) it gives an "authentic" look (IMHO) but doesn't always match up to the screen. It does however match the weathering on my bucket, so I'm happy with it.

    And here is after a black wash/spray:

    I still have to add the beacon, the decal, and the two color bars. (I really should have painted them on before, but let's face it, I forgot.) I might end up redoing the thrusters as well. I'm not totally happy with how they came out.


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