calculator pad dimensions

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    calculator pad dimensions

    does any one have the dimensions to the calc pad?im working on my left guant and i would hate to build the "platform" that it sits on too big or too small.i plan on buying a calc pad in the future, but need the size so when i do purchase one i could slap it right on without modifying anything.

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    Re: calculator pad dimensions

    The general dimensions are 2" wide x 1-1/4" long.

    Now if you want some really, really, really specific measurements.....

    Originally posted by Braks Buddy:
    The dimensions for the keypad are as follows.
    Overall Height: 1.24"
    Width of flat section of keypad: 1.75"
    Width of small bevelled edges along the sides of keypad: 0.097"
    Height of keypad button: 0.078"
    Width of keypad button: 0.152"

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    Re: calculator pad dimensions

    thanks fettish!that helps a bunch

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