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    Jan 8, 2012, 12:46 PM - Buyer beware! #1

    I know Ebay is a minefield of garbage, but the odd gem is possible. Not so with this arse - 'compass_paranormal' had a Boba belt pouches up for sale that I won, as the picture looked pretty good and at the time I was getting tired of making everything myself. I decided to cut corners and buy this. The pouches came and I nearly cried. The leather was in fact not leather, and was probably the cheapest, thinnest vinyl possible. The wood this guy used was like lead and the pattern had cuts all over the seam lines and had no slots to fit onto a belt.
    Ebay is a great place for people to resell items for the same price they paid for them 20 years ago and to sell garbage for high prices. Let this be a cautionary tale of what can and likely will go wrong with Ebay and trying to save a few pennies - you end up S.O.L. and a few bucks poorer! Just buy off the people here.

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    Jan 8, 2012, 2:58 PM - Re: Buyer beware! #2

    yea, thats usually the general consensus with e-bay. though i have found items that were good buys. i only buy things like original found parts or the likes from E-bay as noone acually "makes" those for the most part. Flash tubes, MQ-1 calculators, sx-70 polorids etc.

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