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    May 15, 2010, 8:01 AM - Building the Ultimate Fett! #1

    As I am starting this new adventure I need your expert opinion. There are many thing I do not know about the Fett Costume. I am currently a Dark Lord (DarthVader SL-5546) and am wanting to get a New Trooping Costume. I love Boba Fett and Jeremy Bulloch is a dear friend of mine. Last time a set and had Dinner with Jeremy and his wife I told him that I would love to have a good Fett costume but I was a little Heavy at the time, Like 487lbs heavy. WOW. I know. Sense then I have lost 170lbs and on my way to a 2XL fett. When I told Jeremy this he laughed and said to me "When you get it done, Let me know. You can be my stunt double for events". We laughed so hard. I really think that was the day I wanted the Fett costume more than ever. Also I have a good friend that loves star wars maybe more than me...We argue about it all the time, who would make a better Fett. I would love to get him into the 501st and have him out there on the front lines trooping withme. Were going to be close to the same size when I top out on my weight loss. So here is the plan............

    This post will be to reference Best of the Best. Parts and Prices. Service and Commitment. I will be wanting to know who I should buy from and why. When to expect thing finished and quality of work. Remember this will be a 2XL Boba Fett so keep that in mind when you suggest builders and workmanship. I am hoping to have this built and bought before July 4th but is a must by Aug 1st to have approved before Celebration V. Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Remember were all Brothers here now and lets keep the thread clean and respectful. Thanks for your help.

    Now.....Put captain Cargo in the solo hold...

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    May 15, 2010, 8:05 AM - Re: Building the Ultimate Fett! #2

    Where do we start? What parts first? Who How and When?
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    May 15, 2010, 11:10 AM - Re: Building the Ultimate Fett! #3

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    There are a few things Id "adjust" to the list...For the ammo belt Booboo Fett...Dont know if batninja is making soft items or not right now...Booboo Fett for the harness system also...for the cape woodman and braids too! The rest of the list is pretty much what i have except the JP I went with was Bobby Fett UK...just because I got it used and a good deal. Man of War makes really nice ones for a great price. Fett Prides new premium or even budget helmet are amazing! But also the cargo hold can be a great place to pick stuff up if your patient. MOW also just started making boots which are about the best buy right now and easy to get now also now that theyre in the US and all

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