Boba lifesize

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    Boba lifesize

    Can someone please tell me where this lifesize fig came from and if there are any other pics of this awesome mannequin. this is the one that has made me think about doing one myself. Also I emailed fettpride about boba helmet kits and have had no reply can someone please let me know if he's still doing them or where else does the helmet kits.

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    Re: Boba lifesize

    Don Post statue

    don post life size props

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    Re: Boba lifesize

    ESB ammo belt? Weird

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    Re: Boba lifesize

    a few days ago,i see one on ebay.the guy want 10000$ ! for it.
    Item number: 270636670913 now 6000

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    Re: Boba lifesize

    I've seen the the Boba Fett Don Post Satue in person. It is pretty off as far as the detail. Nice for a store display though.

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