boba jet pack unpainted

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    boba jetpack unpainted

    does any body no who sells the boba fett jet pack must be unpainted..
    i've been watching ebay ........the average price is about $250 - $ that a good price...also i live in the UK.......So shipping will be a factor.... cheers............. :jet pack ........... ........... :jet pack ..............

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    Re: boba jetpack unpainted

    Sorry that no one responded to you....

    But depending on where it came from , Structure, and what it's made of , 250.00$ sounds about right..

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    Re: boba jetpack unpainted

    If you can hold out just a bit longer Bobamaker should have his done pretty soon. He is in your neck of the woods I believe, so shipping should be somewhat cheap. check out his site to see his progress.. amazing work.

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