Boba jet pack

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    Boba jet pack

    Shopping around for a good jet pack kit or good instructions to make my own. Pepakura seems like it will be a difficult route (as far as assembling and resining plus I don't want an 80 lb chunk of Bondo on all day) but not out of the question. I have no problem making my own if there is a good tutorial. I've looked at nme props and am not getting rid of getting one there. I have attempted to contact fettpride but so far no answer. Will keep trying if he's still making. And couldn't find fett seven another person I saw recommended. Like I said I'm not against putting work into this. Or putting a little money into it either (but I'd prefer making it myself for the experience and because it's fun)

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    Re: Boba jet pack

    MOW also sells jetpacks. You can find them on ebay. Search for the seller: manofwarstudios

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