boba fett jet pack

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    boba fett jetpack

    hi guys

    i have recently been putting a boba fett costume together i am just awaiting on my armor arriving.
    i recently got a jet pack but i am confused as to the strapping, i feel there is someting missing from the straps
    i am looking for a bit of advice on how to attach the strapping system to my back pack does anyone have a guide on how to do this ?

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    Re: boba fett jetpack

    Hi, You'll need some kind of harness that you can strap to your body then this attaches to the jet pack straps. Can you post a picture here of your jet pack and any bits that came with it?


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    Re: boba fett jetpack

    a good pic is on ive been messing with a kids bookbag its working ok but my top kinda sags. other than that people have been using scuba tank harnesses and some type of pack from army/navy stores. hope this helps

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