Boba fett cod

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    Boba fett cod

    Has any one got the pepukara files for boba fetts cod I've got the rest just need this

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    Re: Boba fett cod

    I've got cods, can get one out to you by the beginning of next week. PM if interested.

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    Re: Boba fett cod

    I have a pep of it. Made it myself since all you can ever find is the torso armor.

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    Re: Boba fett cod

    I made one with and without a dent. Here are pics of them.

    And here are download links.
    Boba-Mandalorian Cod dented - Download - 4shared

    Boba-Mandalorian Cod - Download - 4shared

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    Re: Boba fett cod

    Thanks I was going to buy one and still might but I will try using this thanks

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