Boba fett build first time

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    Boba fett build first time

    Hey guys, I have been away from the site for a long time and am finally about to try and build my fist fett im still not sure what one I'm going to do but think maybe rotj with esb helmet,

    My main question is who makes the best stuff now a days? I will need everything so any information you guys can give would be great.

    Also going to be looking for someone to paint the armor.


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    Re: Boba fett build first time

    The best advice you could get: stay away from eBay unless it's man of war studios, and avoid like the plague star fortress productions and empire props.
    Do lots of research and decide what version you want to do before you buy anything. There are several members that do commissions for just about every piece of the suit.
    Like I mentioned, do lots of research and enjoy the ride that is building a fett.

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    Boba fett build first time

    Welcome to tdh
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    Re: Boba fett build first time

    Check the Cargo Hold for who's selling what on an ongoing basis (helmets, armor, belts, etc.). The first post usually lists the info about the part & pics of the product. The posts in that thread can be pretty illuminating too... As well, watch for runs of specific parts and jump on board if you can; they're usually for bits that are harder to get.

    Sounds like you're going for an SE build. Read LOTS of build progress threads from our members to see what they using and doing to finish their builds.

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    Re: Boba fett build first time

    Thanks for the reply guys,

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with Fp? Iv tried Facebook here and email and nothing so far.

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    Re: Boba fett build first time

    Give him some time (up to a week). He gets like 100-odd messages a day sometimes.

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