Boba Birthday!!!

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    Boba Birthday!!!

    June 23rd, my 30th birthday. With all the advancements in medicine and technology people are living much longer these days and I still have to wait another 10-15 years before I can have my Mid-Life crisis. So my Boba costume is just a project lol!!! Wife was great and made me an awesome cake and got me some MOW boots!!!!
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    Re: Boba Birthday!!!

    happy birthday sir, and save me a piece of that cake.

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    Re: Boba Birthday!!!

    That's awesome, Happy Boba/Birthday

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    Re: Boba Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday! It looks that the whole family had a great time with that awesome Boba-cake. I specially like that Superman-like pose with the MOW boots. Priceless!

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    Re: Boba Birthday!!!

    Thank you all- I look forward to adding the MOW boots to my build thread very soon!

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