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    Apr 22, 2008, 9:26 PM - Blaster detail parts, any interest?? #1

    Hi guys,
    As I'm finishing up the ROTJ STUNT Blasters, and getting moving on the ESB STUNT, I was puzzeled.

    I'm doing most of the detail parts by hand, and casting them to make duplicates, and womdered; is there any need for me to cast these in a longer lasting silicone? These detail parts would be the following:

    -accurate bomb racks
    -stock plates (scratched, but realllllly nice and accturate)
    -Scope with rings attached
    - Muzzle tip

    - Accurate V8 parts
    - Molllex connectors and scope
    - Stock plates (also scratchbuilt, built really nice)

    Now, this is really just a yes or no question, so holler if you think its a good idea!!

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