BH 10376 at your service !

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    BH 10376 at your service !


    I finally finshed my ESB Fett after two years an now im an proud member of the 501st !

    The colors are much brighter on the pics as the are in real life so please be smooth ^^

    Special thanks goes to all who helped me out with infos and the sellers who made this costume happen !

    Gloves GBH : Galactic Bounty Hunter
    Knee & gauntlet darts : Dark Side , Mojo Fett
    chest lights : Darth Voorhee
    Helmet kit , flightsuit : Bobamaker
    shin tools kit : Bobby Fett UK
    EE-3 blaster kit : Sidewinder
    H-files : Art Andrews
    FP v3 armor : Fett Pride ,
    Flak jacket : Bobamaker
    Ammo belt, EE-3 sling, US drivers Buckle : Boo Boo Fett
    Real hair braids , cape : woodman
    Jetpack , hooks+rings : Bobby Fett UK
    Sidearm : Dankenman
    Jetpack ESB beacon : Serenity
    Spikes : Mojo Fett
    gauntlets 2011 version : Manofwarstudios
    decals :Lucksy31
    Sidearm holster : Stormrider
    MOW Boots size 10 : Manofwarstudios
    Stabilizer : Mojo Fett

    and last weekend i had my first troop in vienna :

    I for sure will have a lot of fun with the 501st austrian garrison and i hope to see you while trooping

    Cya !

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    Re: BH 10376 at your service !

    Very nice!

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    Re: BH 10376 at your service !

    I hope mine looks this great when completed.

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    Re: BH 10376 at your service !

    that's one wicked costume

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