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    Hey all,

    Well I have decided to follow my cousins footsteps and work in costuming at my school. I have to come up with a costume for the first round to see if I am worth their time (crazy drama teachers ya know?) It can be from a game or fantasy book. I have chosen Assassins Creed, Altair. I have already started the costume and saw some threads on here about weapons and such.... Here is some stuff I found useful for those who are making this costume:

    (1) Hidden Blade: This is pretty simple. Go onto Google and type in Collapsible Tai Chi Sword. It will come up with plenty of sites for the sword. It costs just 20 dollars for the sword if you go to Just type in Collapsible Tai Chi sword and it will show up as the first one.

    Here how to dissemble the sword so that you just have the blade:

    Step 1: This kinda the easy part. Simply take off the hilt and make sure the 3 parts of the blade stay together

    Step 2: Add the some proxy to rings that you will attach to the base of the blade (You will need six rings that you will run leather strings through later. You can get them at Michaels if you have one close to you or any store like Michaels) I made the proxy from 2 different J-B KWICK glues (Blue tube and Orange Tube) just mix together. Attach 2 at the top of the base, 2 in the middle, and 2 at the bottom of the base. This proxy will dry in about 3 minutes.

    Step 3: Kremping: This is very simple. All you do is clamp the blade down with pliers at the end (the end without the point) on both sides that have a diagonal shape. Do this to the external metal, then the next peice of metal in. This keeps the Blade from falling out the bottom (Because you have removed the hilt.) If you do this weekly, you will end up creating a locking mechanism where you have to trust your arm down to unlock the blade.

    Step 4: Blade attachment to Gauntlet: I am using Gauntlets found on I typed it "Rouge Bracers" which kinda resemble the ones found on Altair himself in the game. I poked holes on ither side of the bracer to run leather string through. I then tied them off at the rings (The ones you attached the the base of the blade) and Vale!!! The hidden Blade.

    Some extra features you can do is buying, black fingerless gloves and attaching them to the Bracer so that its one single piece.

    (2) Short Sword Hilt and Sword itself:

    I found the Back Scabbard (where the Short Sword is located on Altair.) on It is located under the category "Sheaths & Scabbards". It should be the second one down called "Black Back Scabbard". Now, you can waste your time (Like I did.) and dye the leather Brown (like in the game) or you can keep it Black to give your character a more dark appeal. The sword I used to hide in the sheath is also found on Click on the category called "knives" and click on "Medieval Knives". It should be the first one called "Battle Ready Arming Dagger." I have also warped a scabbard to put in the knife called "Ghurka Kukri" (this is the same sword used by Alice in Resident Evil: Extinction)

    See, you have some opptions.

    Well there are some tips for those Altair lovers out there to make their own costume. I hope they will be helpfull!!!


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    Apr 22, 2008, 7:36 PM - Re: Assassins Creed #2

    This is prob not the place for this thread, but yes I have seen this post before
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    Apr 22, 2008, 7:43 PM - Re: Assassins Creed #3

    I just put it up here cause I saw it on before...I dont really need to go futher than what I just put up for armor and such, its just the hard stuff to make.
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    Oct 20, 2012, 7:11 AM - Re: Assassins Creed #4

    Anyway i think i would be helpful for you..Lot of swords....

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