Armor in progress

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    Armor in progress

    I just wanted some feedback on the ESB shoulders I did. I know the left one shouldnt have the dent but I liked the way it looked and I had already started it. I am a newbie but dont let that stop you on hints or suggestions. They were done with spray cans also. Thanks alot

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    Re: Jetpack in progress

    Sorry..not jet pack..i screwed up...and im not sure how to change the thread title..

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    Re: Armor in progress

    nice job. i really like the yellow.

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    Re: Armor in progress

    looking good bro... keep up the good work.

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    Re: Armor in progress

    thanks alot

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    Re: Armor in progress

    Very nice bruv... lovin the weathering!

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    Re: Armor in progress

    Yea..i think it would have been a bit easier with an airbrush..but ive decided to try to do my whole suit with spray cans..we will see.. lol I appreciate the compliments though...was nervous about doing them at first with no experience.

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    Re: Armor in progress

    Nice job on the shoulder armour! I always loved how ESB had different coloured shoulders.

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    Re: Armor in progress

    Me too....and thanks

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