armor progress

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    Erock's armor progress

    Hey everyone. finally found the cable for my camera and here are some of the pictures. I am waiting on the rest of my armor from BM and will post pics when i finish my gauntlets and jet pack..
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    Re: armor progress

    Looking great.
    Nice work so far !!

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    Re: armor progress

    I love the chest armor. It's gotta great look to it.
    Did you make the pieces or are they part of a kit?

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    Re: armor progress

    needs some more weathering... but you got a good start

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    Re: armor progress

    hey suspect, yeah most of my armor is from BM my gauntlets and jet pack are MOW.

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    Re: armor progress

    I didn't put this up before, but I think it should be helpful to the community. I added just a dash of BNSF Heritage Orange to Reefer yellow for my shoulders. It seems more accurate in my opinion.
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