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    Armor Help...

    Okay, my are is at the moment sheet metal but I hate it and was thinking of redoing it, but I thought of just makeing it out of completely new material. I dont know much about fiberglass, but might be intrested in doing that is it easy? Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Armor Help...

    I've heard of some people using the old "trash can" method. if you think about it, it's already bent and rounded to fit your body. just cut out the pieces you need, slap on some paint and damage and your off and running?? hope this helps.


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    Re: Armor Help...

    Thanks, but I definetly want something stronger. I am contemplateing copper sheets...?

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    Re: Armor Help...

    ooh really copper? some plastics are more resiliant than copper. must consider harness vs. reoverall resiliancy. like samurai blades the edge was hard but the metal was softer to help the blade snap back into place, even though it bent or flexed. the trash can method is worth considering but also the abs and thicker plastics as well.

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    Re: Armor Help...

    I've made mine out of 3mm Sintra. It's easy to work with and the armor can be bent using a heat gun on LOW setting, immersing it in boiling water or heating it in an oven at 200 F. Obviously, you should work in a well-ventilated area.

    I believe fiberglass requires a lot of protective equipment like a respirator, gloves, long sleeves and a lot of ventilation.

    Sintra is available in 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm thicknesses from online sources or local sign shops. I hit a motherlode of 3mm sintra at a local sign shop. All I did was ask if they had any scraps they were going throw away. They had several large sheets that they gave me for free. The largest one was easily big enough for the back armor.

    This stuff scores and snaps easily and can be cut with any kind of saw, dremel or even an exacto knife.

    Just my two cents worth.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your armor.

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