Armor Comments?

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    Armor Comments?

    Hey guys, a buddy that I recently met makes this armor. I think it looks fabulous! What do you all think about it? I'm doing an ESB fett and am thinking about using this.

    The rest can be viewed here. (I hope the owner doesn't mind? )

    Thanks for lookin,

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    That should do nicely! Whats it made from?

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Looks good can he do the cod part & Knees?



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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Is that the butt plate armor underneath the chest armor?

    A little too large i think!

    Other than that looks great!....Definately made of Sintra

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    I like it a lot! But what is that piece under the chest armor? I hope it not one of those famous Boba thong plates!!

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Hey all... From the maker =)

    Made of: 1/8th of an inch white sintra.

    Thing under the chest armor: Butt plate.

    Size of thing under chest armor (Aforementioned Butt Plate): About right. Meant to ride slightly low on the hips, like a kidney guard (think boxing ring)... From what I can tell from ref. pics, this is the purpose and placing of the butt plate.

    Cod peice and knees: I do not believe that sintra can be accurately moulded and shaped to create these pieces. Absolutely NO OFFENSE meant to people who wear cod peices and kneepads made of sintra! The issue that I have with sintra + the cod piece and knees is that sintra does not bend well on two axis. It is hard to make the appropriate "bowl" look... I suppose it could be done, but it would take a mould to press the sintra into and a lot of time.

    My creation parter and I could not make the moulds needed for these peices and create the knees and cod peice without spending a lot of time and effort, thus making the armor more expensive than anyone could buy. We also agreed that selling sintra with an extra layer of sintra on top to artificially create the desired look was unprofessional and a ripoff to the buyer.

    Anyway... sorry for rambling, I just wanted to be clear on this point =)

    Anyone looking for a set of this armor (we made a limited run) ought to look on ebay...

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Hey Bobo thats some sweet gear!!!! Ive been seeing much about the butt plate on the boards as of late....which movie version is that from? ive never see it before, but I thinks me likes it.


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    Re: Armor Comments?

    I believe it's from ESB as the whole set is designed from ESB...right Sabre??
    Well, I believe that this armor is very well made and I'm gonna get a set for follow in my footsteps!! Contact Sabre if you want some !!!!


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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Movie version: ESB. We made this using a combination of eye-work (Lots of staring at pictures) and the mandalorian armor blueprints.

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Nice work, but the butt/kidney plate should be about half that height (2"-3" max. depending on your codpiece). It should be the same as the height of the side tapered portions of the codpiece so that the two can connect together.

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Given that we don't sell the codpeice, we felt it was easier to make it big so that the buyer could scale it to their needs. Easier to make smaller... harder to make bigger =)

    Alternatively the buyer could simply leave it as it is. Most of that area is hidden by the belt anyway.

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Here are my Sintra knees i made..

    <img src=>

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Really great work, man. These guards are beautiful. Did you use machined aluminium darts?

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    Re: Armor Comments?

    Good like it

    the under chest piece could be smaller but thas just imo

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