Armor Color

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    Armor Color

    Okay, I'm starting work on my Boba Fett suit next month and was wondering: How can I color this suit without it looking too... colorful? I wan this: not this:

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    Re: Armor Color

    i've been wondering what colors to use for the rotj scheme myself.

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    Re: Armor Color

    You might want to follow this tutorial

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    Re: Armor Color

    Krylon italian olive works great.Wally world is the only place I have found it.

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    Re: Armor Color

    Actually the ESB Fett is less colorful than the ROTJ. The ROTJ had maroon gauntlets, and a jet pack thats red, white, yellow, blue...etc.

    The ESB had greenish gauntlets and jet pack.

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    Re: Armor Color

    Retro_Wars said: View Post
    Okay, I'm starting work on my Boba Fett suit next month and was wondering: How can I color this suit without it looking too... colorful? I wan this: not this:
    which parts are you talking about?

    i used most of the colors recommended by tk409 for my costume. everything was dulled down quite a bit by black paint.

    one of the things that i really like, but is sort of tricky to get the hang of, is mixing rattlecan colors while the paint is still wet.

    these were my 1st gauntlets, painted with the "claret wine" paint that 409 recommended...

    and these are the same ones after their 1st repaint:

    i still used the claret wine, but mixed in black. i sprayed a coat of the wine, then misted with black, misted with wine, then black, then wine... alternating very, very thin layers. eventually the colors sort of blend together to where you can't really tell that it's not just a darker shade of red. you have to be careful not to go too heavy with it though, or you'll get drips.

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    Re: Armor Color

    Howdy there and welcome to TDH! Lookin' to go ROTJ ... that's right Git R Done!!!! ROTJ all the way. Anyway, when ya say "suit," are you talkin' about the entire costume, or the soft armor. If you're lookin' to color a jumpsuit for an ROTJ Boba Fett, check this out:

    If you're lookin' to paint a helmet, then I'd recommend ya check out the site GCNgamer provided (darn Andy, ya beat me to it) as well as a few threads in the "Helmet" section because there are multiple people who are painting ROTJ helmets.

    I'd also suggest this site as well for puttin' a complete costume together:

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