APolifka's Scratchbuilt Nemrod Sidearm Holster

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    APolifka's Scratchbuilt Nemrod Sidearm Holster

    Well my ESB Fett is finally coming together so I'm piecing together the last bits and pieces I'll need. This is my scratchbuilt holster based upon known reference of the original Nemrod and the trimmed props and originals from the collection of Art Andrews and the great (I'm sure) casts from FettPride. I made a cardstock template around my dankennman blaster using trial and error until I got it to look right. Then transferred the pattern to Sintra and glued it together and repair puttied the seams and sanded to replicate the original shape.

    The black marks are from a failed attempt at painting on Plasti-Dip to replicate the rubber material. If anyone has a better idea how to do it please comment and let me know. Otherwise it looks like I'm just gonna sand it a bit smoother and give it a coat of flat black. All comments/ criticisms welcome!


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    Re: APolifka's Scratchbuilt Nemrod Sidearm Holster

    Excellent work!... I did something similar with my original sidearm (an MLC). I used fiberglass/ resin to reinforce it. Yours really has a nice shape , closer to the Nemrod.

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    Re: APolifka's Scratchbuilt Nemrod Sidearm Holster

    Clonecollector, yeah I saw your thread as well in my research. It must've been before the info came to light about the knife holster being trimmed off. I think I might take your lead and paint it flat black

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