1. 1 Day Ago - Apr 17, 2015, 9:58 PM - Any videos of Celebration Cosplay Contest? #1

    Hey. For the Celebration VII Cosplay Contest I decided to enter as Boba Fett coming out of the Sarlacc Pit! It was really fun to create it with my son and daughter and super fun being in the contest today. Won 2nd place! I was wondering if anyone was there and filmed it, including the awards ceremony. Or even just pics. I would really appreciate it if I could find some. Thanks so much!

    Here's a pic we took at home as we were making it..

    .Click image for larger version. 

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    20 Hours Ago - Apr 18, 2015, 11:14 AM - Re: Any videos of Celebration Cosplay Contest? #2

    I'd be very interested in that also.
    What a small world. I was talking to you back stage in my Jango kit.
    Good meeting you!

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