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    Jan 13, 2009, 4:56 PM - another harness help thread.. but different #1

    ok boys n girls im a bit stuck and sad. heres the issue

    i have a really spiff bobamaker JP thats all painted bobamakerlike and was really expensive and oh so sexy.

    now normally i sacrifice functionality for accuracy but i cant wear the pack anymore. (no im not selling it lol)

    i have some major ligament damage in my shoulders a whole bunched of slipped/herniated discs.

    i cannot bear any weight on my back except for my lower or any weight on my shoulders for more than a half hour.

    ive axed the harness i have now that straps across the chest because its just too heavy. im worried the backbelt strap system still wont take any weight off it. i was considering buying a rock climbing leg harness system and rigging the same strapping system through that to put more weight on my hips/legs.

    right now i dont care about accuracy it wont be seen itll all be under the flightsuit but was wondering if anyone has tried this or has any other suggestions.

    i really appreciate any and all feedback as im really just looking to be able to wear it all again so i can get back to my charity events.


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