Ammo Belt

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    Ammo Belt


    Can I get any feedback on this person's website that sells Boba Fett ammo belts ?

    http://w w w.starfortressproductions...tyhunters.html

    Thank you,


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    Re: Ammo Belt

    never deal with them, but i heard lots of negative feedback...try the "search" feature and type in starfortress or SFP for more historical thread?
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    Re: Ammo Belt

    He's right, stay away from StarFortress- from what I understand you'll never get your stuff, plus the guy is some sort of weird deviant that had to flee the country.

    If you're looking for ammo belts or any boba fett stuff just stay here. Its all available here. Try mrgr8ness or 99centtaco for an ammo belt, or the cargo hold.


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    Re: Ammo Belt

    Same here its the last thing I need for my suit...

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    Re: Ammo Belt

    Hey guys I make non-functional ammo belts here is what they look like.
    Let me know if your interested.

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