• The Dented Helmet is getting a facelift... now with more Boba Fett

    Hello fellow Fett fanatics! In Dec of 2009 we moved to vBulletin 4.0 primarily for their new integrated CMS system, yet until today we have not implemented the CMS! We are now slowly opening up this new feature and will be using it to replace our frontpage on the Dented Helmet! Hopefully this not only provides a more uniform look, but a more useful frontend as well!
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    1. GraphiX's Avatar
      GraphiX -
      No big deal, but on google when you search the dented helmet, costume has a typo and is spelled without the e. I don't know if you can change that or if it is google's archive that is wrong.
    1. Art Andrews's Avatar
      Art Andrews -
      Thanks for the typo catch!
    1. napalm's Avatar
      napalm -
      WOW, site looks great. I've been away for a while and returned to find a nice change. Keep up the great work all
    1. Boba Leo's Avatar
      Boba Leo -
      Great work all!!!!!!!!!I love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Best regards, Leo
    1. CT-1127/549's Avatar
      CT-1127/549 -
      thanks for helping..looking for long time
    1. superman8428's Avatar
      superman8428 -
      I like the new site. I have been away for a year so it was a big supprise to see the changes.
    1. mandomerc's Avatar
      mandomerc -
      Wow, this looks great. It's like we have Boba looking right at you telling you to join. Without saying a word, of course.
    1. fettwho's Avatar
      fettwho -
      I have watched the progression of TDH from its earlier days, and this is its best reincarnation so far
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