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    Hello fellow Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Zam Wesell fans! For a decade (2001-2011) the Dented Helmet has provided you with the very best reference material and resources to help you create your own Boba Fett costume. When we first started we sold CDs of reference material but eventually switched over to a free online gallery to host our catalog of images. Unfortunately, the software we decided to use did not integrate with vBulletin (our forum software) very well and has always been somewhat less than what we hoped it to be. Beyond that, it wasn't easy for you, our members and fans to easily interact with the photos, rate them or leave comments on particularly useful photos.

    After a lot of years of frustration, we have finally upgraded our gallery to a software package that integrates seamlessly into vBulletin and allows you to rate and comment on photos.

    So how do you get to this new gallery? Easy! Just click "Gallery" in the navigation bar at the top of the page or click the link below:


    We have added a hundreds of new images to the catalog that we simply haven't had time to add in over the last few years. We are very excited to share these with you as we hope it will help you create even more accurate replicas of your favorite bounty hunters from the Star Wars universe!

    We are particularly pleased to share with you 484 incredibly high resolution photos taken by Britt Dietz of the Boba Fett Special Edition Costume at Star Wars - Celebration IV. To see these photos, just click the link below:


    You may also notice that we have organized the new gallery slightly differently than before. This is due to our ever-increasing understanding of the costumes and how they came to be. We have tried very hard to organize the categories within the gallery in such a way that most of the photos for a single costume style can be found in one category instead of being spread all over the place. We hope this helps you more easily find the reference you need.

    We would like to encourage you to rate photos you like and leave comments for other to see that will help them in their own costume replication quest.

    Finally, while the uploading and organization of over 7,000 images was pretty much a one man task, the collecting of these photos over the last decade was not. Literally dozens and dozens of fans and friends have contributed to this collection and while there are too many contributors to name here, we want to thank all of you for your efforts and for helping us to share this collection with fellow fans of Star Wars and Boba Fett!

    So is this it?

    Absolutely not!

    We are always looking for more/better copies of photos showing Boba Fett, Jango Fett or Zam Wesell. If you have any photos or took photos at one of the Star Wars exhibits of these characters, PLEASE share them with us. If you have photos you would like to share please contact us at admin@thedentedhelmet.com You are also welcome to email us if you have any suggestions or thoughts on how we could make the gallery even better!

    While we have about 95% of our Boba Fett collection uploaded, there are still a number of Jango Fett and Zam Wesell photos that still haven't been added to the gallery. Please be patient with us as we get those put in place over the next couple of months.

    Thanks for your continued support! We hope you enjoy the site!

    Art Andrews
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    1. SNOWAURE's Avatar
      SNOWAURE -
      1000 thanks for your gallery! my Jango Fetts costume is a work done thanks for your references photos!!!!!recently in June 26/2011, I received my id as legionary BH-7346, the first Jango in the country of Venezuela............I hope some day been in this website as a costume reference . See you and thanks again brothers!!!!!!!The Dented Helmet is the best place!!!!!
    1. jedibarriss's Avatar
      jedibarriss -
      Howdy; just checking in because I received a reminder that I have been absent too long. I will be looking for information on Zam in a while. I have been thinking of doing her but won't start for a few months. I just updated my clone Sarge AOTC and am finally adding a mike and speaker.
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