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    We first told you about Legacy Effect's amazing addition to the As You Wish Project in this article:


    Now we carry on the story by talking to Cari Finken, the co-creator of this piece.

    TDH: Tell us a bit about yourself.

    Cari: I am a special fx artist - that's a pretty blanket term that covers many things. Mainly, I make puppets, costumes, and special props. I also am what we call a showrunner, project lead, art lead etc. It’s my job to track a project, make artistic and logistic decisions, and ensure that everybody on the the team is all on the same page.

    I’ve always loved movies. Growing up, I was especially drawn to films with creativity and imagination. Films like Empire Strikes Back, or The Dark Crystal where you encountered a whole other world, filled with fantastic creatures.

    When I was in school, I was always drawing creatures and making puppets instead of doing my homework.
    Somehow I figured out how to turn it into a job!

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    by Cole Taylor of Legacy Effects

    It’s pretty clear to anyone that knows anything about filmmaking, that special effects artists everywhere, the ones responsible for mind-blowing, eye-popping modern day special effects, are all enormous fans of Star Wars.

    This is also very evident within the walls of Legacy Effects where, not only does a bust of General Ackbar reign above the snack bar, but ...
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    Max Cevrantes as Boba Fett in 1982

    As the founder of The Dented Helmet, I am often asked, "What does your Boba Fett look like? It must be incredible!" The sad truth is, I don't have a Boba Fett, and I doubt I ever will. I am too much of a perfectionist and my goal in creating The Dented Helmet wasn't so much about building my own Boba Fett as it was to help others better their creations. While I don't have a complete suit, I absolutely love collecting pieces and parts and pouring over the details of Boba Fett's costume. Found items are the easiest to acquire ...
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    In my last article, “First Sons” I introduced you to a new Boba Fett helmet casting and discussed its history. However, I didn’t talk a great deal about the helmet itself or go into details about it. In this article I will share with you some of the incredibly cool details which separate this helmet from virtually any other (except for the Ken Tarallo plug, which is its “brother”) as well as some of the areas where the helmet suffers clear differences from the Preproduction #2 Boba Fett helmet.

    Before going into the details, here are images of the helmet from all angles, so you can get a clear idea of the good points as well as the areas that are a bit less than what one might hope for:

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    In the summer of 1978, six fiberglass Boba Fett helmets were constructed for the filming and publicity of the Empire Strikes Back. Each helmet was weathered and painted slightly differently and each is identifiable from its brothers. We are going to focus on the Preproduction #2 helmet, dubbed in the Star Wars Chronicles as “the second prototype.”. This Boba Fett helmet is prominently seen in almost all of the pre-Empire Strikes Back publicity photos, 2 life-size standees, the Kenner Boba Fett Action Figure packaging, and 12” Figure packaging. While the Preproduction #2 Boba Fett helmet was used extensively for publicity photos, it never saw screen time in the Empire Strikes Back.

    While it is unclear exactly when the Preproduction #2 Boba Fett helmet left Lucasfilm, at some point in the early 80’s Don Post studios obtained the helmet to be cast for a proposed line of replica helmets. After casting, the history becomes blurry. The only thing we know for sure is that the helmet was never returned to Lucasfilm and disappeared.
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